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State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing(Wuhan University of Technology)

  The State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing (short for SKL) is a state key Laboratory in the area of advanced materials which was funded by the National Planning Commission and established in Wuhan University of Technology in 1987. The SKL is under supervision of the administration of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China. Professor Gu Binglin is the director of the academic committee of SKL and Professor Zhang Qingjie is the director of SKL.

  The overall objectives of the lab is to develop advanced technology for materials synthesis and processing with independent intellectual property rights, and to explore new important materials in the field of some key technology research to continuously give technical support for the national economy and national defense construction. The lab is atthe international forefront of materials science andcontinuously has international influence by original research and occupies an important place in the international materials science and technology development. Based on the disciplines of materials science and engineering lead by excellent scientific research, SKL makes great contributions to construct a creative country via education reform, cultivation of innovative talents and building a base for scientific research, academic exchange and talent cultivation.

  The main research fields are:

  • Development of innovative technologies for materials synthesis and processing, especially focusing on the lower-dimension composite technology, including nano-composite technology and membrane –composite technology.
  • Development of advanced structural and functional materials, specifically focusing on information functional materials and new energy materials.
  • Development of the fundamental research and materials design, particularly focusing on the principle and design of the multi-composition, multi-dimension materials.

  SKL presents an innovative platform for materials synthesis and processing with nano-composite technology, in-situ synthesis technology and functionally graded technology, and mainly works on four kinds of key innovative materials:

  Advanced composite materials for sophisticated national defense technology, mainly including nano-composite "light weight, high strength, wide absorbing materials, dynamic high-pressure physic applications of gradient composite material, ceramic composite armor and gradient armor materials with high performance polymer matrix composites;

  Efficient energy conversion material for new energy technologies, mainly including hydrogen fuel cell key materials, efficient thermoelectric conversion materials, efficient photo-catalytic materials and nanometer line energy storage materials;

  New biological composite materials for life science, mainly including the level of functional materials and photosynthetic reactor, biological interface materials, nano biodegradable implant materials and biomimetic neural induction composite materials, nano HAP and interaction between tumor cells and inorganic anticancer drugs;

  Information functional materials and devices of information technology, mainly including the type of perovskite structure of new functional materials and devices, oxide one-dimensional nanomaterials and devices, intelligent materials and intelligent structure systems.

   These key new materials have been applied in the national defense construction and high-tech area.

  SKL has 65 permanent staff, including 1 academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 6 distinguished foreign experts, 1 chief scientist of 973 Program, 5 winners for outstanding youth training fund, 7 Cheung-Kong scholars as distinguished professors and chair professors from ministry of education, 6 winners for "pacesetter engineering in the new century" and 15 winners for the ministry of education "new century excellent talents to support plan" which builds a vibrant creative academic team with middle-aged young man. The lab actively encourages excellent young scholars to visit international famous universities or research institutes for further improvement and cooperation. In recent years, the lab has sent more than 20 young scholars to engage in visits and studies abroad.

  The lab attaches great importance to international academic exchange and cooperation. The lab invited over 20 famous scholars to be guest professors, and at the same time, it created excellent work conditions for famous co-workers from aboard. The lab was able to obtain many programs by this kind of cooperation.

  With an area of 24000 m2, SKL possesses the required equipment for advanced materials synthesis and processing, material structure analysis, characterization and performance test, in total value of about 129 million RMB.

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