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2015 Tyrrhenian International Workshop on Digital Communications (TIWDC)


  The quest for higher spectral efficiency and data rate made possible by coherent techniques has to face the problem of fiber nonlinearities. Today, any design based on advanced techniques requiring knowledge of the statistical properties of the received signal is carried on either by simply neglecting the ensuing of nonlinearities or on simplifying assumptions. Moreover, major conferences on optical communication are generally focused on technological rather than theoretical aspects. This workshop aims at laying special stress on in-depth theoretical investigation about the impact of fiber nonlinearities in coherent optical communication systems.

  Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  Channel modeling for nonlinear propagation in optical fibers

  Statistics of nonlinear optical data transmission

  Non-linear effects in WDM systems

  Signal-noise interaction

  Perturbation methods

  Volterra series

  Inverse scattering transform

  Nonlinear effects in multicore fibers

  Effective transmission and detection strategies

  Digital backpropagation

  Nonlinear Fourier transform transmission

  Volterra equalization

  Digital signal processing techniques

  Advanced optical modulation formats

  Coding for optical systems

  All-optical processing techniques

  System performance in the presence of fiber nonlinearities

  System aspects of non-linear transmission effects and their mitigation

  Effects of fiber nonlinearities on system performance

  Advanced simulation techniques

  Analytical evaluation of system performance

  Optical regeneration

  Ultimate theoretical limits in fiber-optic communication

  Information theory aspects of nonlinear transmission in optical fibers

  Capacilty limits of nonlinear fiber-optic channels

  Capacity bounds through analytical models of nonlinearity

  Information rates achievable by specific modulation formats

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