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Academic Forum on Cross Innovation of Materials Science and Chemical Physics


23rd March witnessed the opening of Academic Forum on Cross Innovation of Materials Science and Chemical Physics in Room 301, Conference Center with an attendance of more than 400 faculty, students and distinguished experts and scholars, including academician Zhou Yu, Ding Wenjiang from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, academician Zhao Dongyuan, Nan Cewen, Cheng Huiming, Yu Dapeng from Chinese Academy of Sciences, academician Wu Yicheng, Jiang Desheng, Yu Wenjiang, Wang Yuzhong from Chinese Academy of Engineering, Prof. Ouyang Shixi from China Building Materials Academy, deputy director Gao Duanping from National Natural Science Foundation of China, president Zhang Qingjie of WUT and many academicians of materials. Prof. Ouyang Shixi and Academician Zhao Dongyuan chaired the forum.



President Zhang Qingjie delivered a welcoming speech, expressing thanks to all the experts for their academic instructions and guidance. He viewed the forum as significant to the development of the cross innovation and in-depth integration between materials science, physics and chemistry in WUT and wished falculty and students could cherish the opportunity and learn much from it.

Academician Ding Wenjiang addressed on the topic of Green Magnesium and shared with the audience his three-decade magnesium research results including mechanism and technological breakthroughs of magnesium and magnesium alloy as well as its applications on such frontiers as national defense , new energy and biomedicine.  

Academician Cheng Huiming reported on the topic of Growing Grapheme and other 2D Materials on the CVD of Metal Substrate. His team managed to make such two-dimensional materials as large-size graphene and WS2 on metal base through chemical vapor deposition, developed the technology of graphene macro preparation and extended its application to new energy and flexible display device.

Academician Yu Dapeng addressed on the topic of High Stability Waterproof Polymer Backbone Perovskite Solar Cells. He analyzed the future research trend of solar cells with focuses on the production of waterproof perovskite solar cells through organic-inorganic composite technology and on the large-scale manufacture of thin film solar cells.

Academician Wang Yuzhong reported on the topic of High Performance Retardant of Polymer Composite Materials. He introduced research achievements in efficient halogen-free polymeric flame retardant material and flame retardant mechanism as well as their applications in various fields and put forward the prospect of flame retardant polymer materials development in China.

These academic reports aroused great interest and heated discussions from the audience. It is believed that this high-level forum is bound to play a significant and leading role in spreading the frontier technology and enhancing disciplinary integration and development.

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