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Qingjie Zhang




Professor Zhang Qingjie received his Ph.D. degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 1990. At present, he is the President of WUT, Director of State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing (2005 to present) as well as Chief Scientist of National 973 Program (2007-2017) in the field of thermoelectric materials.

As a research scholar, he has focused on inorganic non-metallic materials and composites with special function including thermoelectric materials, conductive ceramic and intelligent composite materials in the past 20 years. Among his many accomplishments, he proposed a synergistic effect of decoupling the transport of electron and phonon, a model for thermoelectric-photovoltaic hybrid power generation, a model with multi-field coupling between heat, electricity and mechanics and non-equilibrium rapid preparation. He developed new materials which have been utilized as a key material in the area of new energy technology and top Weapon for National defense, i.e. thermoelectric-photovoltaic hybrid power generation with full spectrum solar energy and industrial waste heat recycling via thermoelectric technology. Due to his important contribution to the academy, Prof. Zhang has been awarded national prizes including three National Awards for Technological Invention and one National Natural Science Award. He has published more than 240 Science Citation Index (SCI) peer reviewed papers.

As a principal, he has produced a number of articles on higher education teaching reformation, his monograph The University Ideology with light of wisdom was published on China Higher Education Press in 2015.

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